Carol Acosta Flores

Roosevelt County IHC Director, Portales, NM – Roosevelt County recently entered into a contract with Indigent Healthcare Solutions (IHS). Our software was installed and I was trained last month. In only one month, it has become clear to me and my County Manager that we have saved our taxpayers significantly. I do not think it is unrealistic that very soon we will have saved far more for our county than we will pay IHS over the course of a year and I cannot place a value on the efficiencies the new software has brought to my office.

Upon installing the software, we realized we had not been calculating the Medicaid rates correctly. The software has the most current CPT and DRG rates pre-loaded. Once you enter a CPT code on the patient bill the software automatically calculates the correct Medicaid rate. Wow!

As a new customer I was able to attend IHS’ annual customer conference last week in Galveston, Texas. I thought you might enjoy my observations. Because I was so new to the software I had no preconceived ideas what to expect. On the first day of the event, over 150 indigent health care managers and case workers listened to IHS describe the current and future state of indigent health care. Indigent health care employees from different states shared their best practices and IHS demonstrated unique software solutions which had been developed for their customers, such as document scanning.

After lunch on the first day there were four breakout sessions where IHS demonstrated over 100 new features of their next software release and encouraged their customers to fill out new feature request forms indicating what they would like IHS to work on in 2016 and beyond. IHS then hosted a poolside dinner for all of their customers. On the final day, we participated in a seminar regarding cyber security as it relates to county government and listened to what IHS was doing to combat this growing threat. What I found interesting was that there was a true feeling of family at the IHS conference. I had never experienced anything like it. Not a single customer had anything but glowing remarks about IHS, the staff, and the software. Many of the people I met had been customers of IHS for many years.

You can imagine how, after we decided to be the first county in New Mexico to contract with IHS, I was anxious that we made the right choice. My experience with them during the installation of the software and attending their conference made all of my anxiety disappear. Many of the customers I spoke to are paying IHS the same amounts today as they paid when they first signed up. I don’t want to sound like I am gushing but it was very refreshing to find a vendor that did exactly what they said they would do. I hope you find this interesting and I invite you to call me with any questions you may have realizing that I am new to the software myself.