Fully integrated and updated Red Book codes (Optional)

Every pharmaceutical drug listed in the Red Book® is included in the IHS software, and all drugs are accessible by NDC numbers for processing pharmaceutical invoices. There is no need to exit the software to look up any drug. IHS is licensed to package Red Book® pharmaceutical data for indigent healthcare programs. The current listing of over 250,000 drugs is updated every month.

Secure, User-Friendly, Browser-Based Navigation

We have designed our indigent health care software to be user friendly and secure. To achieve this, we have developed all our software for use with a varity of browsers. If you have ever used the Internet, then you will have no problem navigating IHS’ proven software.

Fully Integrated and Updated CPT® Codes

IHS software uses Physicians Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to pay all CPT charges. The codes are updated by our support team and implemented whenever new updates are released.

Electronic Generation of All State Forms with Personalized County Information

All state forms are generated with the County’s personal contact information. The software-generated forms allow comments to be entered just like a standard state Department of Health form. All forms can be mailed in a window envelope so there is no need for address labels.

Ability to Manage Multiple Programs Such as Indigent Health Care, Primary Health Care, Emergency Assistance, Prisoner Health Care and Many More

When you license the IHS software, you are getting much more than software for the Indigent Healthcare program. Our software allows you to manage a variety of different programs for the same, low monthly cost.

Ability to Use DRG or Percentage Calculations

IHS software is capable of paying bills using a DRG standard dollar allowance calculation or a straight percentage calculation.

24/7 Support with a Toll-Free Number

IHS provides each customer a toll-free support number. If you ever need assistance, help is only a phone call away.

An Experienced Service Team to Ensure That Your Needs Are Met

IHS employees have over 50 years combined experience in the automation of government entities. All we do is design and support software solutions for indigent health care departments. Our extensive list of satisfied customers will be happy to talk to you about the money-saving advantages of allowing IHS to serve your data processing needs.

No Up-Front Money Required

No one would hire an employee and pay a year’s salary in advance, so why pay your data processing service provider up front? IHS charges customers a reasonable monthly fee with no payment required in advance. In order for IHS to thrive, we must keep our customers satisfied for the long term.

Tracking for Cumulative Amount Paid For Each Client

IHS software tracks all payments against each client. A warning is given if the invoice will go over the pre-defined cap amount or the maximum number of days allowed in the hospital. You can find out the amount paid to date on any client whenever you wish.

Tracking of the Number of Hospital Days and Prescriptions

The number of hospital days per fiscal year is calculated. A warning is given if an invoice goes over the pre-defined allotted days. Also, the number of prescriptions per month is calculated to ensure that the client is not exceeding the number allowed by your policy.

Unlimited “Notes” Section for Each Client, Invoice, and Vendor

There are times when you would like to jot down a note regarding a client, vendor or specific invoice. IHS software lets you do just that — with unlimited free-form note entry fields.

Guaranteed, All-Inclusive Pricing

You pay a low monthly cost that is guaranteed not to increase for the term of the contract. Times are tough and budgets are tight. IHS provides its customers with guaranteed pricing. When you choose IHS, you will not be surprised with invoices for every question you ask. With IHS, you know up front what your complete data processing budget will be for the entire term of the agreement.

Export Data

Data can be exported to Microsoft® Excel® or comparable spreadsheet programs.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.
Red Book® is a registered trademark of Truven Health Analytics. All rights reserved.
Microsoft® and Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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