RoseAnn Selke

Taylor County IHC Director, Abilene, TX – As you know, I have a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration (business with a healthcare specialization), along with about 15 years of experience in the field, so to say that I know a thing or two regarding healthcare software EMR systems would be a true understatement. Whenever you, Chuck, & I were speaking, I made a comment that I couldn’t imagine life without your I.H.S system and I meant that. As a new-ish IHC Director, my job and learning experience would have been much more difficult if it were not for our use of your system. Betty was right, the customer service alone with your company is by far worth the investment. Everyone within your company has always been very attentive when questions arose, and have always gone above and beyond to meet our needs, especially within recent months of us implementing new programs.

In a nutshell, y’all are great. I will very graciously praise your name from the rooftops and support you in any speaking endeavor in which you need support. You all are fantastic, keep on keepin’ on because County IHC needs more people like you all.