Carole Ellis

Burnet County IHC Director, Burnet, TX – Today is the six-week anniversary of the installation of your Indigent Healthcare Systems software in Burnet County. It also marks six weeks of celebration, knowing Burnet County made the right decision to license your software and services.

Since the installation of your software, Burnet County has been able to streamline our Indigent Health Care program by processing invoices more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The program is not only a money-saver, but a time- and stress-saver. Our clients are better served by concise and accurate applications processing and notifications. Our providers are very pleased with our payment schedules and the ease of information retrieval when they call our office.

IHS has provided us with the means to keep up with the increased number of applications and reports that are required of us. Many important functions had been neglected in the past because we lacked the time to accomplish them. With the IHS software we complete these tasks in a matter of seconds, not numerous manual man-hours.

Thanks, too, to your wonderful support staff who are ALWAYS available to answer my questions–no matter how trivial, silly, significant, or insignificant they might be. I have never failed to reach someone when I need them, and they always know the answer!

Thanks to you, your staff, and your IHS software. You have made my job easier and the Burnet County IHC program more cost effective and user friendly. I would be more than happy to recommend your organization and product to anyone who is interested in making their IHC program better.