Indigent Healthcare Solutions

Medina County Hospital District IHC Director, Hondo, TX – Medina County became a Hospital District in October of 2009. Then by February or March of 2010, Medina County signed up with Indigent Health Care Solutions. I know that Medina County is now family with Indigent Health Care Solutions, since day one that Kristie Harris and Robert Baird came out to Hondo to make a presentation to the Hospital Administration. I was like a kid in a toy store, hoping that we would sign up with IHS. Well, let me tell you, it has always been the most ideal solution (punt intended) for Medina County Hospital District to have signed up with this company.

I am always happy to call them upon a problem. I have and will always trust the IHS Team of: Tonya, Chris, and Keith. The entire company absolutely 100% surely cares for their customers. Thank you so much to the Team for their hard work and dedication.